Kirin 980 chipset with ai

It has been a busy year for both Honor and Huawei as both the companies launched an array of mobile phone models which have one substantial similarity. They all share the same Kirin 970 chipset. As the SoC is getting old, the company has decided to upgrade it by launching the Kirin 980 chipset.

Originally the Kirin 900 series was flagship series that was released last year in the Mate 10 flagship series but then it lost popularity and began to appear on midrange phones like the Honor 10 and the recent Honor Play. So it’s the right time to launch another flagship chipset which is why Huawei is going for the Kirin 980.

He Gang, the head of Huawei Technologies’ smartphone unit, revealed that Huawei’s Kirin 980 is expected to release at the IFA conference in September this year. This seems reliable as the Kirin 970 also made its debut at the IFA 2017.

Technical details regarding the new chipset have also surfaced up on the Chinese publication, ITHome.

According to the website, the Kirin 980 chipset will be powered by the Cortex-A77 and Cortex-A55 cores. Being an octa-core processor, a cluster of four powerful Cortex-A77 cores and another cluster of four power-efficient Cortex-A55 cores will drive the chip. SoC will clock at 2.8 GHz.

In the past, the Kirin chipsets had a very noticeable GPU gap in performance when compared with Qualcomm chips. Huawei has already rolled out a GPU Turbo technology to fill that gap. The GPU turbo will enhance the device’s performance by 60% and increase the battery efficiency by 30%. The Kirin 980 will, of course, come equipped with the GPU Turbo.

Let’s not forget that Huawei was the first smartphone maker that used an AI integrated chip in its smartphones. Just because of AI, the performance of Kirin 970 has greatly improved with time as it learns and adapts according to usage with time.

Huawei is expected to continue to have more in-depth research in the AI field. Therefore, it is expected that the Kirin 980 chipset will have more highlights in GPU and NPU performance.

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