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As evident from the name, Huawei Phone Clone is a revolutionary tool that has completely changed the concept of transferring Phone data at an amazingly high speed with utmost ease.

Previously it was a hectic and troublesome exercise to change a phone due to a large amount of user data and it usually took a lot of patience.  Moreover, the previous practices also included the data cable or mobile data charges that users had to pay for their data transfer.

Thanks to the Huawei Phone Clone app now the phone data transfer is just one tap away. Huawei is the first technology innovator to introduce such a marvelous data transfer application and it is free to download and use even for the phones of other brands as well.

While switching between the Huawei Brand smartphones, Huawei Phone Clone provides a comprehensive data transfer options including (but not limited to,) Contacts, Messages, Photos, Music, Video, Applications, a wide range of Calendar apps and other application data.

In short, Huawei Phone Clone literally clones the old phone with respect to the personal data of the user and even the messages and call logs appear on the new phone identically to the old one.

All the copied data is sorted in the same manner on the new phone as it was on the old one, which is very convenient for the user.

Huawei Phone Clone also Works with Other Smartphones

The most exciting thing about this marvelous app is that it works equally well with other smartphones too, besides Huawei. This is the distinguishing feature in this regard that Huawei has kept the open options for the now- Huawei users to use the app freely.

From an Android smartphone of any other brand, the user can transfer basic personal data to the Huawei smartphone that includes Contact, Messages, and Photos, Music, Video, and apps. While in the case of the iOS devices, Contacts, Photos, and Videos can be transferred to the new Huawei smartphone using the Huawei Phone Clone tool.

The app is available at both App Store for iOS users and on Play Store for Android smartphones. On the Apple iPhone, the application supports the iOS 5.0 and later versions, however, for Android smartphones, version 4.0 and later are compatible.

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