Huawei ranked 40th in Most Valuable Global Brands

Huawei stands 40th  on the ‘Most Valuable Brands’ list within the Global 500 ranking of 2017, released by the prestigious ‘Brand Finance’ platform.

Being a research-based forum – ‘Brand Finance’ specializes in Brand Valuation and the valuation of Intangible Assets. It evaluates the performance of world-leading brands and measures their potential.

In 2016, Huawei was ranked 47th in the same ranking report, whereas this year its performance has risen by 7 ranks to take the 40th spot in the list.

Last year, Huawei’s Brand-Value was estimated at 19,743 Million US Dollars and in 2017 Huawei’s Brand Value has risen to US $ 25,230 Million. In 2016, Huawei’s Brand Ranking was ‘AA’, which has now risen ‘AAA-‘.

This reflects a tremendous improvement in Huawei’s Brand performance, as it has continued to innovate and create fascinating devices and pioneering solutions, that can meet the fast-evolving needs of the modern-day consumers of telecommunications and digital connectivity.

‘Brand Finance’ calculates ‘Brand Value’ by determining the value a company would be willing to pay to license its brand, as if it did not own it. This approach involves estimating the future revenue attributable to a brand and calculating a royalty-rate that would be charged for the use of the brand. Multiple attributes such as; emotional connection, financial performance and sustainability, etc are taken in to account. The brand performance is benchmarked against competitor brands, while several kinds of financial analyses are also conducted.

In the year 2016, Huawei shipped 76.6 million securing 2nd position in the Chinese market but in 2017, the company aims to become the biggest phone supplier in the world in terms of unit produced.

Previously the top global technology media outlets recognized Huawei with eight awards at CES 2017, highlighting the Mate 9’s new partnerships, power, performance, design, and dual-lens camera. The Huawei MateBook was also recognized as a CES Innovation Award 2017 Honoree for its impressive design and performance.


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