According to the data from Sigmaintell Consulting, the Global Shipment of phones with notch came to a total of 86.1 Million units. These shipments only come from the top six manufacturers and include data from just the first half of 2018.

Out of the total, Huawei alone shipped 25.4 Million units making it the first brand to ship such a highest number of phones with a notch. Second, came Apple, with an impressive number of 20.7 million units.

The difference seems puny between the top two if we consider that Apple has only one phone with a notch while Huawei is producing a ton of such phones which means Apple has only one phone to offer with a notch while Huawei has many. Still, Apple impressively managed to gain on Huawei’s numbers.

The two were followed by Vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi while Samsung remains the only brand that did not launch any phones with a notch in the first half of 2018.

According to Sigmaintell, a total of 604 million units were shipped globally in the first half of 2018 out of which 95.36 million smartphones were shipped by Huawei, taking second place after Samsung by pushing Apple to the third.

As the research claims, the shipments by China-based vendors fell by a rate higher than the industry’s average at 6.9% to 210 million units during the six-month period. Despite that Huawei seized 14.9% of the global market share while Xiaomi ranked fourth worldwide with shipments totaling 60 million units for an 8.7% share.

Talking of growth, HMD Global has also risen from the ashes and has captured 1% of the smartphone market which summed up to an impressive 782% growth of the company.