Huawei to sponsor BNU Bestival on 3rd – 6th March

BNU Bestival

Recently Huawei has sponsored a four-day event named, BNU Bestival, with numerous activities from 3rd to 6th Of March. It’s the fourth installment of BNU Bestival and this year it features the theme of Quintessence.

The event includes a concert by Noori on 4th and amongst the competitions Huawei solely sponsors five. On the fourth day of the Bestival, a fashion show will be held, and two of the participating models will be selected for Huawei’s upcoming commercial conditional to their remarkable performance in the show.

Huawei has been equally supportive of the entertainment activities and promotes the opportunities for such events for its customers in Pakistan, mainly. Huawei has earned the trust through its commitment to customer satisfaction, highly innovative approach to designing new products and comparatively affordable prices for the products.

During the BNU Bestival 2016, this expression of trust and popularity among the customers will be experienced by the Huawei team and the media, equally. Huawei brand lovers will be delighted to see the Huawei Products – Mate 8 and Honor 5X at the mega event. Huawei expresses its determination to bring consistently innovative products to its customers while contributing its best efforts to promote such exciting and thrilling events like BNU Bestival 2016.

Huawei is sponsoring the show, and it will be a successful event just like the previous entertainment and fashion events supported by the technology giant.

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