Huawei takes over Oppo, claims top spot with 18% market share

Huawei claims top spot

Thanks in partial to the release of Huawei flagships P10 and P10 Plus and a host of other phone released by the company, Huawei has claimed the number spot in China once again.

According to reports, Huawei shipped 21 million smartphones in China claiming 18% of the market share. Oppo had been dominating the market since the last two quarters and is still not far behind with 20 million smartphone shipments. Vivo falls in third place with 17 million shippings across China.

Xiaomi, which was once the top brand in China, has now fallen to fifth place after Apple shipping just over 9 million units in the first quarter of 2017. Xiaomi hopes to capture more market share in the next quarter as it has just released a flagship device, the Mi6 which houses the latest Qualcomm processor and dual cameras. The smartphone brand has also confirmed that it will be focusing on Asian markets and not launch in the US or Western Europe until at least 2019.

Huawei owes its success to the brilliant Leica cameras but users have been complaining about slower storage speeds in P10 and P10 Plus devices which compelled Huawei to come forward and admit that it has used slower chips in ‘some’ phones, blaming supply shortage for using multiple manufacturers.

China saw a total of 114 million phones shipments which is up by 9% from last year.

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