Huawei used low grade memory chips in P10 devices

Huawei P10

Huawei P10, which is now available in the Pakistani market, has been making waves for more than one reasons with its amazing Leica cameras leading the way. However, several users around the globe have raised concerns as a significant difference has been recorded in storage speeds on their P10 and P10 Plus devices.

The sequential read speeds on these devices vary from 700Mbps to 300Mbps and Huawei after some delay has now admitted that different combinations of LPDDR3 and LPDDR4 RAM have been used resulting in the difference noted.

In an official statement, Huawei has stated that to refrain from any supply shortage the company is ‘sourcing solutions from multiple trusted suppliers to ensure a balance between user experience, quality, and sustainable supply.’ The Chinese smartphone brand further says that results found through the test conducted by blogs and users alike do not reflect overall performance.

The company has also not specified if any specific regions will be getting a downgraded chip which has left consumers be bewildered. Buying a Huawei P10 is like playing a lottery since you never know if you will get a better, upgraded chip or the one with slower speeds. It has been proved previously with the explosion of Galaxy Note 7 that even the best of brands can face difficulties when looking to fulfill the demands in a haste.

Huawei has been enjoying a lot of success in Pakistan and with Oppo claiming the first spot back in China, Huawei considers Pakistan and India as very important markets. But the different standards and that too in a flagship device by a company that says it wants to take over Apple by 2018, is indeed shocking.

We tested a P10 and found the Sequential Read score to be 500Mbps+. If you own a Huawei P10 or P10 Plus, here’s how you can check the memory speed.

P10 AndroBench Test
Huawei P10 AndroBench Results
  • Download the AndroBench app from PlayStore
  • Open the app and tap run all tests
  • Check for the Sequential Read speed (should be more than 500MB/s)

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