An inspiring story of Humaira Anjum

It is true to say that some of the greatest success stories emanate from the most unlikely of circumstances, and those success stories most often become a beacon of hope for us all.

In an age where women are suppressed and discriminated because of their gender, it is truly refreshing to hear about how women have persevered and achieved their goals in spite of societal pressures and hindrances.

One such success story is that of the inception of Dastarkhwan, the brainchild of the awe-inspiring and hardworking woman, Humaira Anjum.

Setting an example for women everywhere, Humaira Anjum established herself as the owner of the culinary business that serves home-cooked healthy and nutritious food to her ever-increasing customers.

Blessed with a passion for cooking and a culinary expertise like no other, Humaira Anjum decided to share her talent with everyone the day she began this physically challenging but equally rewarding journey.

As a mother of two boys and a girl, she understood the pressure associated with balancing work and family life; she understood the trials of being a working mom and aimed to help lessen the burden for them by providing ‘maa kay haathoun ka paka ghar ka khana’ (homemade food cooked by a mother) for everyone.

Though her own challenges, obstacles, and difficulties were numerous, Humaira Anjum sought to empower women everywhere through her perseverance and devotion.

She is a true testament to the saying ‘Nothing is Impossible’, all one needs is a dream and the willpower to achieve it. Humaira Anjum dared to dream; her early childhood was marred with a turbulent past that prevented her from completing her education, though it did not stop her from fulfilling her dreams. Going door to door, delivering home cooked food in tiffin boxes to people in the neighborhood is the way she started her culinary mission, and now she envisions and hopes to open up her own fully-fledged restaurant one day.

Humaira Anjum set an example for all women to follow; her success story showed the importance of seizing the opportunities in life as well as the importance of persevering in times of adversity.

The inspirational story of Humaira Anjum also sheds light on the need to encourage, empower and support the women around us so that they too may have the chance to achieve their own dreams and inspire others.

This article is authored by Michelle Heatherly.


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