IBM to provide Internships and Employment to Graduates in Pakistan

IBM CIC Pakistan

IBM, the international tech company is expanding its portfolio in Pakistan with the launch of its Client Innovation Centre (CIC) in Pakistan. The Center is a wholly owned subsidiary of IBM and will be based out of the three major cities Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi.

IBM’s global delivery center in Pakistan opens a lot of doors for tech in the country as well as provides new opportunities for the young graduates as well. The center aims to fulfill their client’s growing technological and innovative business requirements.

In future, IBM will collaborate local universities and academic institutions in a bid to deliver the skills required in the today’s market. Through these partnerships, it aims to help universities to create an up-to-date curriculum for future graduates and contribute towards changing technology career landscapes within the existing academic setups.

The center will employ fresh technology graduates and will also provide employment opportunities for IT professionals with varied backgrounds including science, mathematics, engineering and computer sciences. CIC Pakistan to integrate emerging technology including cognitive, cloud and mobile services, as well as big data. Our country lacks program that set out to help the recent graduates and apart from ongoing e-rozgar program, there are hardly any dedicated programs that seek out development of their skills.

CIC Pakistan will provide internships and graduate assignments to the youth to accomplish its aim of integrating emerging technology including cognitive, cloud and mobile services, as well as big data.

IBM’s center will not just cater to the needs of local businesses but will also provide high-value technology services to meet the requirements international clients. The company believes that CIC will create hundred of jobs in Pakistan and promote a knowledge-based export economy for our country.

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