IBM, ITU join hands to bring data science education in Pakistan

Data Science in Pakistan

IBM and Information Technology University (ITU) has joined hands to introduce data science education in the country. For the purpose, IBM will be providing services of software, academic content, and their systems.

According to the Express Tribune, data science is a new field for the students. It provides modern art computational and statistical techniques to extract business value from a rapidly expanding volume of data.

Data Science Lab at the ITU was new in the field. The ITU has set up a 10-member team, which includes graduates from top universities across the world. Dr. Asim Karim, who is currently on sabbatical from the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), is also part of the lab.

“IBM offers members of the academic initiative programme the opportunity to receive extended access to the IBM Bluemix and other cloud-based services; IBM Academic Initiative Programme worked with universities and corporations around the world to support work on data science and advanced analytics. For this reason, IBM is partnering with the Data Science Lab at the ITU,” stated an official from the IBM.

The PITB and the ITU share the common leadership as Umar Saif, chairperson of the PITB, is also vice chancellor of the university. As a result, the Data Science Lab has access to the data of various departments across the province. The lab is also focused on development and support of the Citizen’s Feedback Model.

ITU is also starting a lot of new programs, very soon. These include Nanotechnology programs, Mechanical Engineering, Material Sciences, Industrial Engineering, Automotive Engineering. The university is one of the top-ranked technology universities in Pakistan.

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