Toyota Vios Pakistan

Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) is preparing to introduce modern looking new Toyota Vios in Pakistan replacing long-running Toyota Corolla Gli and Xli. The car is expected to surface somewhere in 2019.

Although no official statement came from the Toyota Pakistan, sources are pretty sure that this is going to happen in Q4 next year as the company has tasked various vendors to manufacture Toyota Vios parts by the end of this year.

Earlier in 2017, Toyota was all ready to launch this car but due to certain reasons they withheld the decision and postponed the launch. Apparently, the company was waiting for the right time to commence the production of this car and it seems now is a perfect time.

Toyota Pakistan is all gearing up to instill significant changes in their entire lineup to tackle the upcoming new manufacturers like Hyundai, Renault, and their cars. Since the start of this year, the company is showing its resolve in confronting them where they have taken critical decisions like introducing automatic corolla XLi, diesel Fortuner and Revo.

Speaking of Toyota Vios, the international version of the car comes with a 1.3 L engine with dual VVTI technology while the vehicle is a compact sedan which will make it a direct competitor of Honda City. Note that some consumers take Toyota Corolla as a rival of Honda City which is not correct technically as both cars have substantial differences and unique selling points.

Following the trend, Suzuki Pakistan is also determined to amend and refashion their vehicle catalog where the company has decided to discontinue Mehran and introduce Suzuki Alto.

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