The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is going to increase the pensions of former test cricketers including Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Cricket Board has decided to increase the pension by 20% which will entitle Imran Khan to get Rs. 48,000 monthly. PCB will also pay the same amount to PM’s cousin Majid Khan and some other fine cricketers.

Rs. 1.9 million has been allocated by the PCB for pension fund this year. The cricket board pays the pension according to the cadre of the cricketers. While allocating pension, PCB authorities take into account the experience, age and some other significant factors.

Note here that in 206, PCB had decided to give pensions to retired cricketers just like other government departments do with their employees. At that time PCB decided to give pension to cricketers who retire prior to 1978. However, the list has been populated now.

It’s a commendable step by PCB to acknowledge the retired players by increasing their pensions. We all know that PCB is one of the richest and profitable institution in Pakistan, and there is no doubt that the board can afford the new changes in pension fund.