Increase battery life of your MacBook with these five tips

Improve battery life of MacBook

comes with the powerful battery that can last for up to nine hours, which is more than the battery timing offered by the regular laptops. A few years ago, the laptop owners used to carry a spare battery with them all the time, but now, the modern laptops are coming with very powerful batteries and can provide longer battery life. Still, if you want to enhance the battery timing, then there are a few tips that we can suggest you!

Update Software

Updating the software is one of the best things you can do to increase the battery life of your MacBook. You might be thinking how a software update could be helpful in resolving the battery issues. Well, Apple often sends a lot of critical updates that solve the battery problems. A lot of times, it has been observed that the unnecessary apps keep running in the background, draining your MacBook’s battery quickly. The latest software update may resolve this kind of issues.

Enable Energy Saver

To improve the battery life, you can also activate the built-in energy saver by going to the System Preference-> Energy Saver-> Battery Tab. Move the slider bars according to your requirements.

Turn off Wi-Fi

We often forget to turn off the Wi-Fi of our MacBook after using the Internet. Keeping your MacBook’s Wi-Fi always active can drain the battery faster because your device continuously searches for the Wi-Fi signals. After you have done using the web, the best practice is to turn the Wi-Fi off especially if you are in travel.

Dim the brightness

You can save the battery of your MacBook by keeping low the screen brightness. To set the brightness, press the F1 key. Also, don’t forget to uncheck the auto brightness feature by clicking on the System Preferences.

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Enable private web browsing

When you browse the web, your MacBook uses a lot of energy. The web browsers frequently send and receive a large amount of data, which results in consuming more battery power. You can enable the private web browsing feature, which is available in almost all the modern web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The private web browsing does not use a lot of battery power because this feature stops your web browser from sending or receiving the unwanted data.

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