Independence Cup 2017 cricket

The field temperature has been high with cricket fever rising in Pakistan all year long. With the successful launch of the Independence Cup, cricket enthusiasts were hooked to the charming resumption of International Cricket in Pakistan.

The grand event boasted huge success nationally and internationally, making it phenomenal. Making it even bigger was the awesome win of Pakistan at their home ground, calling in for a moment of celebration for the whole nation.

Every advertisement medium was aligned to make the event a magnanimous success. Other than conventional mediums, the digital broadcast also played a huge role in maximizing its impact.

Pakistan’s first DRM-Based exclusive live stream at was launched earlier this year by media marketing rights holder ‘The Content Company’ (a subsidiary of Blitz Advertising) in collaboration with TransMedia Group and ITW.

This time for the Independence Cup, secured above 1 million viewership in Pakistan in merely three days (amidst of 1800+ unlicensed stream bans), it was inevitably obvious that the nation has an inspiring appetite for digital live stream consumption.

The roaring crowds of thousands and the gush of attendees into the stadium speak volumes of their interest in the sport, with millions watching from TV and live stream.

Launched in collaboration with Rockville Technologies, the live stream was a major success. Sponsorships included parent Livestream sponsor Allied Bank Limited (ABL), along with an array of other prestigious sponsors including Haier, Huawei, Lifebuoy, Sufi, Cornetto and Clear.

With Internet penetration at 22 percent (45.5 Million people), Pakistan bagged a grand total of 1,203,119 viewers in just three days, which is another record-breaking performance for digital livestream in Pakistan (numbers being higher than PSLs last performance on a per-day basis).

Kashif Amin Blitz
Kashif Ameen, CBDO, Blitz Advertising

“Pakistan is a cricket loving nation – totally capable of hosting international cricket safe and sound. International cricket is here to stay and Blitz Advertising, in coordination with its partners and sponsors will extend its 100% support to keep brand Pakistan in the cricketing limelight for years to come, all mediums inclusive.” – Kashif Ameen, CBDO, Blitz Advertising.

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