India beats Pakistan in watching PSL 2017 Final live online

PSL Season 2 Winner

The PSL fever didn’t just strike the chords of Pakistani hearts but people all over the world tuned in to witness the final showdown between Peshawar Zalmi and Quetta Gladiators and to watch the successful conclusion of the mega event.

Reportedly, the online viewers of PSL final from India exceeded the Pakistani viewers. Around 28 percent of Indians watched the final match online where only 21 percent of Pakistanis live streamed the match.

The decrease in this number could be contributed to the fact that all major channels broadcasted the match live where other ran a special transmission, updating people about the condition of the match and presenting live analysis.

Also, the people tuning in to watch the PSL matches throughout the second season exceeded from 50 million viewers, proving the country’s hunger for god cricket series.

The PSL fever wasn’t just national as it could be seen in Bollywood superstar and veteran actor Rishi Kapoor’s tweet who was searching for channel broadcasting the match live.

Can’t get enough of PSL? Here are some highlights from the eyes of Twitter so you can relive those amazing moments:

Mayor of London also gave PSL a shoutout:

And finally, the time when the closing ceremony was terminated as the crowed chanted Go Nawaz Go chants before the match:

And PTI tweeting the news:

The PSL 2017 Final brought joy in the lives of people distraught by the recent wave of terrorist attacks and hopefully it will open doors for international cricket in Pakistan.

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