India operates Jamaat Ul Ahrar website, Lahore blast investigation reveal

Lahore Blast

The Lahore blast that took lives of many including the DIG and SSP has more to disclose as the investigation is going on. A breakthrough was made when investigation agencies found out that the website of Jamaat Ul Ahrar was being operated from within India.

Jamaat Ul Ahrar is the splinter group of TTIP that took responsibility for Lahore Blast and shown the picture of the suicide bomber on its website.

According to reports, the IP addresses behind the website are coming from Indian City Chennai suggesting an Indian hand behind the planning and execution of the blast as well as the support for the militant group.

While the investigation goes on and more such facts are expected to be revealed soon, the Pakistan Army has destroyed four training camps of Jamaat Ul Ahrar located in the border area of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Chief of Army Staff Qamar Javed Bajwa has also vowed to pursue the matter of Kulbhushan Yadav for bringing him to justice and exposing the real face behind.

Earlier the facilitator of the suicide bomber was arrested from Lahore with the help of Safe City cameras which captured the moves of the bomber and the facilitator on the Mall Road.

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