It seems like the cyber war has been started between India and Pakistan. Just recently, it was reported that a group of Pakistani hackers hacked the website of an Indian special forces unit, the National Security Guard (NSG) and posted threatening messages targeted at India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As soon as the government of India took notice of the messages, the website went offline. Now according to some latest reports, Indian hackers have responded to this hack by attacking the websites of major airports in Pakistan.

According to the details, a group of hackers in India has claimed to hack the website of Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad, Jinnah International Airport Karachi, Bacha Khan International Airport Peshawar, and Multan International Airport. The hackers are claiming that they have infected these websites with ransom-ware. Presently, these websites are inaccessible.

A ransom-ware is a virus that is created to block access to a server until an amount of money is paid to the hacker. This type of virus locks the files on a computer system. The hackers are now demanding bitcoins in exchange for unblocking these websites. According to the tech analysts, there is a chance that the important details regarding the Pakistani flights can be leaked. Earlier, the same group reportedly hacked the website of the Pakistan government systems.

Last week, a group of Pakistani hackers called “Kashmir Cheetah” posted some messages on the website of an Indian airport’s website. In response to this attack, Indian hackers gained access to the login details of Sialkot International Airport in Pakistan, changed the password and leaked it on the Internet. Last year, Kashmir Cheetah group hacked the website of a health institution in India.

The hackers from both the nations are attacking the websites that are very critical. Let’s see how far this cyber war between the two countries goes.