Instagram video and voice calling

Instagram, the popular pictures sharing platform apparently wants to become everything a user may need to keep in touch with their friends and family in the near future as it is reportedly planning to add video and voice calling in its app.

Hidden files and icons for voice and video calls have been discovered by TechCrunch in the platform’s and its standalone Direct messaging app’s Android APKs. The social media company has refused to comment on the tech blog’s findings.

APKs usually contain features that any app plans to introduce in the future. If the company introduces this new feature, it may become an even bigger platform than Snapchat considering that the Instagram stories are more popular than Snapchat based on the users.

Video and voice calling may strengthen Instagram’s position in the lives of the users. Currently, people use it to see a visual timeline of people and the snippets of activities that they are doing in their lives.

With the introduction of this new feature, the user will not have to switch to a Messenger app to connect with their friends and family which thanks to its huge subscriber base will likely cause grievance to many messenger apps in the market.

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