Instagram stories has 40 million more users than Snapchat

Instagram Android

Facebook’s image sharing app Instagram announced a new feature back in August 2016 which enabled users to post photos and videos in the form of a slideshow. The stories disappear after 24 hours.

The feature is very much similar to what Snapchat offers, which was the pioneer in introducing image based stories to the world. Instagram has just reported that its story feature is now being used by 200 million users daily in contrast to 161 million Snapchat users. Moreover, Instagram has more than 600 million users who upload pictures or browse the app regularly.

The stories feature has since been adapted by Whatsapp as well but it saw negative reviews from users forcing it to bring back the ‘original’ text-based status. Facebook has also now provided the users with an option to upload stories which, according to reports has not been that well received either.

As mentioned earlier Snapchat pioneered and it is evident that social media sites as big as Facebook are following it. Snapchat founders would indeed be proud of what they have achieved but Instagram taking over what they started is indeed a worrying sign at the Snapchat HQ.

Instagram stickers

Instagram has also introduced a new update to the app; you can now take a selfie and turn it into a sticker!

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