Intel’s new memory storage device will transfer data 1000 times faster

Fast memory storage Intel 3DX Point


New technological advancements are being made every day and but users still face difficulty, be it the speed when storing data or the time taken to access the already stored data.

The latest memory storage tool 3DX Point which has been kept a secret by Intel and Micron Technology since 2012, will now be releasing soon. The latest tool will offer the best speeds ever for accessing and storing memory. It will be a combination of RAM and flash storage and be denser than the RAM used in everyday computers today.

It will be 1000 times faster than NAND and DRAM which are used in computers and mobile phones alike. Huawei has been under fire lately for using a slower RAM technology in its flagship devices P10 and P10 Plus which results in slower memory storage speeds.

The new memory storage tech will be powering next devices; Intel is set to release a new storage device Octane SSD DC P4800X which will be a 375GB solid state drive and cost $1520. Intel’s second product with the memory storage tech will be a lot cheaper and cost $44 for 16GB storage.

The new technology will not completely eliminate the existing hard drives but work alongside them. Whether you’re a gamer or a professional or just a person who likes to stream videos on YouTube in leisure time, the new tech will exponentially increase speeds of processing data.

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