Intel updates graphics driver for Surface Book, Surface Pro 4

Intel Graphics Driver update

The users of Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 will soon be able to experience the High-Definition graphics as Intel has just released the latest update for its Graphics Driver. With the latest version of the driver, many hangs, crashes, and graphics corruptions across different games and applications are corrected. It was previously available in beta.

This update also repairs some long-standing and frequently reported graphics issues on Intel’s Support Community including a scaling issue with Windows 10 and error found when playing a particular game title. The version number for this update is 20.19.4463 and it is only available for the users of Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.

In the old version of the driver, the system used to freeze while resuming from Sleep/Hibernation using WiDi, but with the latest update, this issue has been solved. Moreover, the problem of graphics corruptions in many games and apps is also solved. Screen rotate issue, scaling issues, black borders problem in Windows 10®, stuck at ‘Constrain proportions’ are also fixed.

Sometimes, the system crashes when playing back videos over WiDi or Miracast. Intel’s latest update to its driver fixes this problem. Microsoft has officially accepted the update and allowed Intel to release it for the Surface Book and Surface Book Pro running on the Windows 10, which is the most recent version of the Windows OS.

Latest version of Intel’s Graphics Driver is compatible with Microsoft’s Surface series only

According to Intel, the latest update to its graphics driver is compatible with the Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 as well. But you must have the most recent Surface device from Microsoft to install it. Intel’s fourth generation of graphics provides the excellent result to the users of Microsoft Surface. And after installing the latest version, the users will be able to experience the HD quality graphics.

Microsoft Surface is a range of latest devices from Microsoft. They are lighter in weight and provide outstanding performance. Microsoft recently hinted that there would be no Lumia-branded smartphone released in the future because it wants to focus on its Surface computing devices. But, the company will not stop supporting the existing Lumia phones.

Image Source: TechNewsToday

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