Interesting ATM Robbery in Japan: $12 million stolen in just 2 hours

Japan ATM Robbery: Police are searching thief who stole a large amount of cash in just 2hrs from 1,400ATMs in 7-11 grocery stores chain1 min

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We always think that Pakistan has the highest level of corruption and the crime rate. But you will be shocked to know that recently, an amount of more than $12 million rupees was mysteriously stolen from the ATMs of one of the most advanced countries on earth. Here, we are not talking about a Holywood crime thriller; we are talking about Japan ATM robbery which has shocked the entire nation of Japan.

Police in Japan is confused and failed to arrest the skilled thief who has stolen a gigantic amount of cash in just two hours from some 1,400 ATMs installed in the 7-Eleven chain of grocery stores across Japan. According to the police, there may be more than 100 expert thieves involved in this one-of-its-kind fraud.

The police are still trying to identify the thieves behind the Japan ATM robbery from the Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) units installed in the ATMs.

Interestingly, all of the hacked accounts belong to the same bank. The people who own accounts in Standard Bank, one of the largest South African Banks which operates in more than 32 countries including Japan, started complaining that a significant transaction was done on their accounts without their knowledge.

The authority is also in contact with the headquarter of Standard Bank, which is located in South Africa.

Criminals behind the Japan ATM Robbery may have flown the country

According to the sources aware of the situation, more than 14,00 fake credit cards were used to steal the money. The details of the accounts were taken without permission from the Standard Bank. There is a chance that the criminals behind this matter have flown out of the country.

The police also say that the criminals may be the members of a large international gang of thieves. It is the second biggest financial fraud in the year 2016. In February, some criminals stole $81 million rupees from a Bangladeshi Bank by hacking into the SWIFT security software, which was used by the Bangladeshi bank.

The crimes on ATMs happen in Pakistan too, but they are still in their early stages. You can secure your ATM transactions by check out the type of robberies we have compiled for you.

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