According to Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), the country’s economy has suffered from an estimated loss of Rs. 1 Billion due to the recent fault in the submarine cable that caused the Internet shutdown in the country.

On 5th August, PTA informed the Pakistani citizens that they would experience slow as IMEWE, the underwater cable that brings the Internet to Pakistan went offline due to technical problems.

Though the authorities provided various substitutes for the timely provision of internet services, many public and private industries and conglomerates suffered immensely due to this problem. The national flag carrier, PIA also faced difficulties in carrying out their operations.

PTA is still estimating the actual figures of loss incurred due to the internet shut down. From July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016, Pakistan witnessed six internet shutdown costing the country’s economy an astounding $69.7 million, reports Dawn.

After the inconvenience that lasted for roughly a day, the internet services were restored at the weekend, enabling people to connect with the digital world once again.

According to PTA, Pakistan has 1,527,306 DSL users, 50,571 HFC, 168,511 Wimax, 48020 FTTH, 729,625 EOD and 44,608,065 mobile phone users.