Ookla, the company behind internet “Speedtest” has issued its new rankings for the world. Internet speed in Pakistan aggravated from last year but still, we scored better than India only in mobile broadband who is south Asia’s leader in Information technology exports.

Pakistan is ranked 96th in the world in download speed on mobile broadband based on the June Speed-test Global Index, with an average speed of 14.03 megabits per second (Mbps).

According to the website, the global average of mobile internet download speed is 23.54 Mbps. The report said that they recorded the highest average speeds for 4G networks in Qatar that stood at 63.22 Mbps. Norway won the second slot while United Arab Emirates (UAE) was third for the highest average 4G speeds.

This test is so popular that it also exists in a version for iOS, for Android and even for Windows so you can check the speed of the Wi-Fi and the connection directly from mobile devices of all kinds.

Because of the large area, India has higher latency which results in receiving slower internet. Latency is the duration taken by a data packet to move between the user’s device and internet server. The higher the latency, the slower the user’s internet experience. India remained stable if we analyze its last year’s ranking but for Pakistan situation is not ideal at all.

The previous year, they ranked Pakistan at the 89th place that means 4G internet speed in Pakistan is on a decline and that’s not shocking at all because of the country’s deteriorating economic condition and political instability.

If we take internet availability into account, another report states that Pakistan falls behind India, Srilanka, Iran, and Bangladesh. Our score is even worse than Nigeria, the poorest country in the world.

Talking about fixed broadband speed in the country, Pakistan scored the 122nd place in the world falling 2 places compared to previous year. The average broadband downloading speed is 7.55 Mbps far below the world average which is 46.25 Mbps.

Singapore topped the genre here, scoring 180.57 download Mbps speed. Hong Kong and Iceland scored a second and third place with 150.7 Mbps and 148.95 Mbps respectively.

Only Africa countries like Mozambique, Algeria, and others are behind us giving low speeds to their fixed broadband users. That is a very pathetic situation as we should be eying countries like Singapore, not the countries where drought is in prevalence.

It is high time that the state implements an emergency in the technology sector and devise some new strategies and policies to tackle the inadequate condition of the internet speed in Pakistan.