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Apple, one of the tech giants yesterday brought forward many innovative features through its new of iOS 11 and also introduced its new 10.5-inch iPad Pro at World Wide Developer Conference (WWD) 2017.

Apple CEO Tim Cook presented the most awaited features of iOS 11 related to augmented reality and core technologies. While senior vice president of Apple’s Software Engineering, Craig Federighi shared the fact that “iOS 11 will give iPad users the powerful app functionality to take advantage of hundreds of new features and incredible updates to the iOS apps for iPhone and iPad users to enjoy every day.”

Here is a list of the modern features of Apple you should know:

Expressive and Natural Siri

iOS 11 Siri

Siri now is more natural in its tone and tempo, gives human-like expressions and balances intonations in both male and female voices. It is also multi-linguistic as it has command over Chinese, French, German, Spanish, or Italian languages other than the English language.

Siri is an epitome of intelligence as its on-device learning skill keeps in view of the subjective experiences and provides appropriate suggestions using Safari, Mail, Messages, News, etc. The recent updates of iOS have shown that Siri could also reply your WhatsApp messages calls.

Professional built-in camera

The new camera design and its features take you to the level of a professional photographer. Loop and Bounce effect is a trendy feature firstly introduced by Boomerang app and now Apple has introduced it, that helps you create a continuous videos loops that look fun, while

Long Exposure feature of the camera captures time and movement taking a perfect shot. Optical image stabilization helps you take a perfect portrait picture.

Photo Features

Apple with iOS 11 introduces a modern technology they call High-Efficiency Image (HEIF) that lessens the file size of photos taken with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Now you can enjoy Memory movies in both portrait and landscape orientation and iOS 11 robotically creates optimized memories of photos related to any celebration or event.

Now Pay from Apple Pay

iOS 11 Apple Pay

Apple has presented a customized Apple payment method that allows you to pay your friends through the Apple Pay in a much secure and quick way.

The money transfer can take place through Messages or even Siri can help you to pay or receive the money, you just need to have a credit or a debit card to exchange your amount.

Do not Disturb While Driving

A feature that lets you drive safely

Apple has always been up for bringing out symbolizations and this time it has come up with “Do No Disturb” feature for drivers to help them remain more focused on a safer journey by letting others know about their status.

Also, iOS 11 now added a new customized message in call respond about driving and being not able to talk.

One-handed Keyboard

Sometimes you want to hold a cup of tea while texting your friends but you cannot because the keyboard is too wide to use only a hand? Well, now you can enjoy your tea and texting at both times using the one-handed keyboard mode. It is not surprising that Android  has been using this feature for a long time and

It is not surprising that Android has been using this feature for a long time… but now Apple has followed their footsteps by introducing the old known tech feature and we are grateful for it.

Additionally, you can get quick access to numbers, symbols, and punctuations using the QuickType keyboard on iPad.

Redesigned App Store

It helps in discovering apps and games discretely as App Store editors go through detailed interviews and feature uncovering the backstage stories of developers making the apps and games more electrifying.

Specific features for iPad

iOS 11 new features adds power to the iPad

Customizable Dock

This feature brings more power to the iOS 11 as you can easily access your often-used apps and documents from any screen opened, while a redesigned app switcher helps you drag apps through Slide Over instead of Split View.

New File App

It allows you to save your files keeping them at one place and making it more feasible for you to share them on any different app whether the files are stored locally, in iCloud Drive or other providers like Dropbox. More Drag and Drop availability in the operating system makes it even easier to move images and texts to your desired places.

Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil helps you do inline drawing

Apple Pencil is another creative side of the epic company which is specially built for iPad, in which you can do the inline drawing and open Notes from the new instant Notes feature by just tapping on the Apple Pencil on the display of the screen.

Other interesting features include Airplay 2, Control Center, Apple News, Home, Apple music, Apple Maps, and Apple Store for iMessage.

What was expected and What is missing?

Apple has given us a vast range of intellectual features while some features that were so much hyped by rumors have not been released like the Dark Mode options, Screenshot Alert and Wireless Charging. Well, we will be hoping for these features coming up for the next time soon. While the iOS 10.3 gave you the freedom to free up more GBs for more memory and space which lacks in the new iOs 11 because more memory is more fun!

Cannot Wait to Enjoy the new features?

If you are excited enough to use these features, so you just have to wait until fall as the beta developers have just begun working for its release and then new iOS 11 will be available as a free update on your iPhones from 5s to 7 Plus including the iPads. However, no official date has yet been announced.

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