Apple Battery explosion

Can you imagine entering an Apple Store and an iPad exploding suddenly? That is what the customers and workers of one of the stores in Amsterdam lived yesterday.

The situation reached such a point that an ambulance and firefighters had to go to the site, who were working to ventilate the space and eliminate the toxic vapors. Fortunately, no fire or serious injury occurred, although some minor burns and several employees had to be treated for respiratory problems. The store, even, had to be closed to the public to let the authorities work.

At the moment, Apple has not ruled on the matter. However, the police have confirmed that apparently, the cause of this explosion has its origin in the battery of an iPad.

The rapid action of the workers, who threw the tablet into a bucket of sand, prevented the occurrence of greater evils. However, the explosion caused toxic waste to be released into the store’s environment.

The problem is that it’s not any cheap brand which users can ignore, especially considering that it is not an isolated case of an Apple battery explosion. We have already seen some more incidents like this in recent months at Apple stores in Switzerland (Zurich) and Spain (Valencia), Hong Kong, Las Vegas and an iPhone 6 in a moving car in China.

A user expert in batteries of the company, known as Andrew Phan, said that the cause of the explosions could be in the adhesive strip that holds in place fixed batteries. When handling these strips, they could tear and cause a small explosion. In fact, the two batteries that exploded recently had been previously manipulated by the Apple Store workers.

We hope that the incidents have come to an end and that Apple takes the appropriate measures to avoid greater evils in the future.

Less than a month left for the next keynote of the Cupertino boys and the company is facing issues like Apple battery explosion, 16-year-old teen hacking their systems and a ban imposed on their products by Turkish president due to ongoing tussle with the USA.

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