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The all-new iPhone 2018 lineup has been in the spotlight of rumors for quite a significant time now. Earlier we discussed how the iPhone 8 failed to attract users, resulting in a significant tumble of Apple’s shares while the iPhone X has been selling like hot cakes, so much that the company faced difficulties to meet the users’ demands.

Although nothing has been official, the leaks hint towards a three-phone line up from Apple in 2018. The first is said to be an advanced and upgraded version of the iPhone X, with the same 5.8-inch OLED display, while the second can be considered a “Plus” version with a larger 6.5-inch OLED display.

Besides these OLED phones, that will obviously cost a fortune like the Apple’s current flagship, the company is reportedly working on a more affordable mid-range iPhone with an edge-to-edge LCD panel. There is a lot of excitement and anticipation for the Apple’s new flagship series we strongly hope that it will fulfill our expectations. Here’s what we want to see most in the iPhone 2018 lineup

A Triple Camera

Huawei has beautifully incorporated a triple camera in P20 Pro and not only has it made the phone increasingly desirable, it takes outstanding pictures as well. Being the industry king, we expect something similar from Apple too. It wouldn’t be like copying Huawei, but refining the already present technology and excelling at it.

There are already rumors hovering around an iPhone with triple cameras. The leak comes from The Korea Herald, which states that besides Samsung, Apple will also experiment with a triple camera module in iPhone 2018.

Touch ID

Yes, we understand that the iPhone X is providing a top of the line facial recognition mechanism that works on infrared and visible light scans to uniquely identify your face and it works in a variety of conditions and is extremely secure but why restrict the user to just that?

Apple removed the Touch ID in its iPhone X but we say diversity is always beauty and Apple should stop shoving its ideas down our throat forcefully. What if someone doesn’t want to use the Face ID and deems the Touch ID more convenient?

I couldn’t, for the life of me, understand the reason of removing the Touch ID. The company should definitely consider bringing it back in their iPhone 2018 lineup. As they say, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

More Color Options

No matter how much we glorify the spectacular features of iPhone X, the fact that it is only available in two color options, Black and White, makes it lag behind in the race where the likes of P20 Pro and Honor 10 have stepped up with their unique colors.

However, Ming-Chi Kuo, a former analyst at KGI securities and a trusted source about the news regarding Apple, has revealed that the company is working on some new colors for its upcoming flagship.

He revealed that the 6.5-inch version could come in the traditional Black, White and Gold colors while the 6.1-inch phone could present different color options including Gray, White, Blue, Red, and Orange.

Headphone Jack

While we don’t feel terrible about the notch, we certainly do for our beloved headphone jack. It was hard to see it depart and it’s even more annoying to see other brands jumping on the bandwagon to eliminate the 3.5mm jack.

Why would any company want to eliminate such a useful feature? It’s astonishing that even with a huge online backlash, Apple didn’t give a second thought to bringing the jack back. Although we are skeptical that Apple will bring it back but at the same time we strongly hope that it does as its an extremely useful feature.

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