iPhone 7 expected to launch with dual-lens camera, waterproof body

Waterproof iPhone 8

Apple is expected to release its brand new iPhone in September, this year. There are already some rumors on the social networking websites and news sites about the expected features and looks of the iPhone 7. People are waiting for a pack of new functions in this upcoming gadget.

Rumors suggest that there will be no headphone jack in the new iPhone, and the users will be able to listen to their favorite songs using the wireless headphones only. The company is also reportedly developing some real wireless earphones, especially for the iPhone 7.

The size of iPhone 7 will be 4.7 inches, similar to iPhone 6. The rumoured resolution will be 1080p, and there will be a plus version of iPhone 7 which will offer 5.5-inch size. The memory of iPhone 7 will include a 2GB RAM while iPhone 7 Plus will come with the massive 3GB of RAM. Antenna bands will rest at the left and right, top and bottom sides in the new iPhone.

After Android, Apple has also decided to make its upcoming gadget waterproof. Previously, we have seen only Android smartphones with the waterproof bodies, but it seems like the new devices from Apple will also come with this feature.

Some speculations are there that the new iPhone will come with a very high-quality dual-lens DSLR-level camera. However, it is still early to say anything about the pixels and resolution of this camera.

If we talk about the processor of the upcoming iPhone, there is a report that Apple is in talks with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). According to the details, TSMC will become the manufacturer for Apple’s 6-core A10 Processor, which is rumored to be featured in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Previously, Samsung was responsible for manufacturing the processors for the American multinational smartphones company. According to the Electronics Times, the manufacturing for the A10 processor will start in June, this year.

Now, let’s come to the battery while there are not many details about the battery of newest iPhone, an image of the speculated iPhone 7 battery has surfaced on a Chinese website. The battery is said to offer 7.04 watts-hour, somehow similar to the iPhone 6, which offers 7.01 watts-hour.

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