iPhone 7 exploded, destroyed interior of car

iPhone 7 exploded and caused burns to vehicle

A man from Australia claims that his iPhone 7 was exploded in his car and burning the interior of his vehicle. The interior of the car was destroyed.

According to BGR, Australian surfing instructor Mat Jones has said that he purchased the iPhone 7 just a week ago and left it under a pair of pants in his car while he went out to give a lesson.

When he came back from surfing, he says that the windows of his car were completely black. When he opened the door of the car, he immediately felt a wave of heat as smoke escaped from the car.

Jones also said that he has not dropped his phone into the water or used any third-party chargers to recharge its battery.


According to the reports from various media outlets, the man claims that the iPhone was the source of the fire. “Ash was just coming from inside the pants which then, once you wrapped open the pants, the phone was just melting inside of it,” Jones told 7 News.

Moreover, Apple says that it is in touch with Jones and is investigating the issue.

Earlier, a Reddit user who goes by the username Kroopthesnoop posted some images of a burnt smartphone and claimed that it was an iPhone 7 Plus and it exploded while on its way from Apple.

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Not a long ago, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was in the news because of its faulty battery. After the reports of explosions of the Note 7, Samsung stopped the production of this smartphone.

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