iPhone 7 home button fails to work with gloves

iPhone 7 hardware issue

Less than a week after the launch of iPhone 7, another problem has been discovered in its UI. The issue is with the home button sensor, which does not seem to work with gloves.

The problem was discovered by the co-founder of Relay FM, Myke Hurley. According to him, the Touch ID Ring checks if the button is actually being touched and may discontinue functioning if the user wears gloves. “No sensor connection, no click,” he said.

Although this seems like a significant restriction, it is important to mention that users can always purchase iPhone-friendly capacitive gloves. Moreover, the display of the iPhone itself has always been capacitive so the idea of not being able to use one’s iPhone without a valid pair of gloves should not be all that jarring.

“We tested with a pair of gloves that are designed for touch screens, and while we could unlock the iPhone 6s Plus with the gloves and use the touch screen, that wasn’t possible with the iPhone 7 Plus — the home button sensor wouldn’t activate. There are mixed reports on Twitter from people with capacitive gloves, and while some work, others do not appear to,” MacRumors reported.

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With the old versions of the iOS, the user could quickly hit the power button and enter the passcode to unlock the screen. With iOS 10, you cannot bypass the home button and are required to place your finger to unlock the device.

On the other hand, a new report reveals that the performance of this smartphone is better than all the Android flagship phones.  According to a new Geekbench 4 test, iPhone 7 is 33 percent faster than the Android smartphones. The iPhone 7 scored 5,507 on the multi-core portion of the CPU performance test. That obliterates the 3,918 score from the Galaxy S7.

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