Apple’s iPhone 8 to come with a 3D camera to recognize physical objects

Apple iPhone 8 3D camera

Apple is working on developing some new features for its next iPhone, and there is a chance that the iPhone 8 will come with a 3D camera. The rumours are already there that the upcoming device from Apple is going to come with many new changes, and now, a report from a Korean newspaper has confirmed these rumours.

According to the details, Apple has joined hands with LG Innotek to create a smartphone camera module that will enable the 3D photography. The report says that the 3D camera technology would be introduced in the new products from Apple, which will be unveiled in 2017.

Apple is researching on how to apply the 3D camera technology into iPhone 8. LG Innotek already has its 3D camera and other technologies like this. Four years ago, a few companies experimented with 3D camera technology. However, they realised that the users do not want this kind of cameras. Now, Apple wants to study this technology and let’s see if its iPhone 8 comes with a 3D camera.

We have seen 3D cameras in some smartphones, which were introduced a few years ago, but the report says that the 3D camera in iPhone 8 would be completely different from the old ones. This state-of-the-art camera will recognise the physical objects in the real world using the Augmented Reality (AR) technology. It would help the apps to enhance the fun for the users further.

This improved camera in the Apple iPhone 8 will let the users capture the photos and record videos in a new style. This phone will come with a 5-inch edgeless display, a powerful fingerprint scanner, 3GB RAM, and an aluminium frame.

Moreover, some tech websites are reporting that the company will introduce some new apps on its iPhone 8. However, Apple has not confirmed such reports. It is also working on new smart glasses, which would connect to the iPhone.

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