iPhone 8 looks more appealing than the Galaxy S8

Apple iPhone 8

According to a calculated estimate made a by a famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo,  Samsung Galaxy S8’s jump from the S7 will not be as impressive as that of the Apple flagship iPhone 8. First off it is expected that 40-45 million S8 sets will be available for purchase in comparison to last year’s 52 million Galaxy S7 smartphones.

Moreover, the explosion fiasco related to the Galaxy Note 7 compelled many users to opt for a safer option in the S7 which most definitely will not be the case this year. Although a shortage in quantity is notable what’ more evident is the significant upgrade Apple’s iPhone 8 is receiving.

It is being reported that the Apple will be releasing the new iPhone with the most changes it has made in any iPhone upgrade ever. The iPhone 8 is rumored to feature a bright edgeless OLED display with improvements in battery life and system performance with a new A11 chipset. Furthermore, Apple will be adding a wireless charging feature which will be new to the iPhone users.

Most of these features are not new to the Android user but mark a significant improvement in an average Apple user. One feature though that does fall right in the comparison category is the continuation of iPhone 7 Plus’s dual camera in the iPhone 8 while there will be no such camera in the Galaxy S8 which will be up for preorder soon.

According to the most recent leaks, the S8 will be releasing in several colors such as glossy black, white, blue, gold, silver and possibly violet too but a superior color range to that of the iPhone 8 might not be enough.

The Galaxy S8 will not, of course, be a weary machine as it will be including the fastest processor to date but what Ming-Chi observes is that the flagship S8 will not include any feature that can be considered a surprisingly large scale upgrade from last year’s S7 whereas the iPhone 8 will represent the biggest leap forward in the iPhone technology sector.

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