There used to be a time when people regarded Apple as the king of innovation which always created market trends instead of following them. But now things have changed drastically as the company no longer holds this title.

The rumors regarding the upcoming iPhone 8 have been making rounds in the media for quite some time. While it is possible that some changes will remain a fantasy for the Apple lovers but one thing is certain that the company is ditching its Home Button in favor of an S8 look alike infinity display.

Yesterday, Slashleaks shared two images from the Chinese social media site Baidu, showing the rear side of the 10th anniversary iPhone and its a nightmare coming true for us.

iPhone 8 fingerprint scaner like Galaxy S8
Image Source: Baidu

The back of the iPhone 8 displays a hollow that is most likely a place for the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner just like Galaxy S8.

Previously, Apple was rumored to include fingerprint sensor within the display but ditching the good old home button wasn’t supposed to be easy after all.

While it’s disappointing that the once a leader in innovation is seemingly running out of good ideas (no headphone jack is an example) but Samsung is not without faults as well. The new Galaxy S8 gave a mini heart attack when it was revealed that facial recognition software could be tricked with a picture.

Now iPhone 8 is rumored to replace its Touch ID with 3D Face scanning feature that could unlock the smartphone. If the company succeed in bringing this tech to life, then maybe we can say once again that Apple is a force to be reckoned with. Until then, we are excited about the coming launch of Galaxy Note 8 on 23rd August.