iPhone 8 to make Apple fans wait a bit more; Here is Why

Concept image of delayed iPhone 8

Apple is becoming a huge procrastinator as most of the credible sources have reported that the release of the upcoming iPhone 8 is being delayed for even one or two months. Is the company really serious now?

The supply chain manufacturers of iPhone 8 specified that Apple is facing trouble especially in the creation of OLED screen portion. According to an investor of RBC market, this would lead to the lingered date to release the most awaited iPhone 8 which was expected in the month of September and now pushed to October or November.

The RBC Investor explained that Apple is striving to fit in the home button and fingerprint scanner under-the-glass of the speculated iPhone 8. Samsung has also been through the same predicament integrating the home button into the bottom of its OLED screen and faced the delay in the launch of its production.

It is to be noted that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will also give tough competition to Apple’s flagship smartphone as the South Korean giant will launch its phablet in late August, ahead of iPhone 8’s launch.

While Recent studies conducted upon Apple fans show that the users are brand loyal enough to wait and buy the anticipated iPhone 8 despite the release of gigantic gadgets coming this year like the Nokia 9 and Samsung Galaxy S8. RBC interprets that, “we think a shift in OLED production by 1-2 months doesn’t change the demand dynamics for iPhones (fairly captive demand) or undermines the positive iPhone upgrade cycle narrative,”

Last year, iPhone 7 made us wait too but its features were not as impressive as our expectations we had, moreover, it missed rumored features like wireless charging, Dark night mode, and other many features, which are even not even proposed by the newly introduced iOS 11. Well, let’s see how much spark does iPhone 8 gather in the future.

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