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We already know that iPhone 8 will finally be providing wireless charging option to its users but according to some new media reports, that won’t be a deal breaker for the new flagship.

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Apple, the US based tech giant will soon launch its 10th-anniversary smartphone iPhone 8, most likely on 12th September but the wireless charging won’t be impressing any one.

A source within Wireless Power Consortium told Macotakara, a Japanese Publication that Apple’s wireless charger will charge slower than what is officially supported by the wireless standard the company will use.

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The tech company doesn’t support the Extended Power Profile that’s present in version 1.2 of the Qi standard. So instead of the standard 15W of power, the new wireless charger provide 7.5W of maximum power, meaning that it will charge the device very slowly.

Wireless charging is among the top features requested by the iPhone users and while some have already given hope, this news is rather disappointing to the loyal fan base of Apple.

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The upcoming iPhone 8 is set to feature tap to wake function, removal of Home Button, facial expression and attention detection and powerful design of the status bar etc. Reportedly, it will also ditch its home button, following the example of Galaxy S8 and S8+.

The smartphone will be available in three colors black, silver and gold but sadly  our favorite Rose Gold color didn’t make it into the final cut. Also, it will be 54% more expensive than its predecessor with a price tag of $999.

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