Internet Reacts with Hilarious Memes as Apple Reveals its New Phones

Apple has just launched the iPhone XS and XS Max along with the iPhone XR in one of the biggest tech events of the year and it has sparked a furious debate between the Apple fanboys and the Android loyalists. Other than that, the internet has been flooding with iPhone memes since the launch of the phones.

While some of the jokes mock the features of the newly released iPhones, most of them are focused on–you got it right!– the outrageous price of the phone.

No matter whose side are you on, these iPhone memes and jokes are a thing of beauty and we bet you’d find them hilarious as we did too. People are also trolling Apple for iPhone naming pattern. Here are some of the best iPhone memes and jokes that we found about the latest devices from Apple.

iPhone Memes-1 iPhone Memes-2 iPhone Memes-3 iPhone Memes-4 iPhone Memes-5 iPhone Memes-6 iPhone Memes-7 iPhone Memes-8

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