Leagoo S9 iphone X clone

After the iPhone X made a huge entry into the handset industry in late 2017, several clones started popping up from China. One such iPhone X clone blatantly showed off its features at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 this year calling itself the S9 in a place where Samsung just announced its Galaxy S9.

The iPhone X clone, Leagoo S9 is basically priced at $150 and is powered by Android. It boasts a notch similar to that of the iPhone and carries the name of the Samsung’s new flagship device; the company’s rip off the game is strong.

The notch is not just to draw a similarity to the iPhone X rather the user can unlock their device using their face but it doesn’t feature the same infrared dot projections which were seen in Apple’s tenth-anniversary smartphone.

The iPhone X clone features a 5.85 inches screen, 4GB  RAM and 32G of internal storage. It also has dual 13MP cameras for taking pictures and 3300mAh battery which is not that bad given the price of the device. Leagoo S9 also packs a fingerprint scanner on the back of the device in case the user doesn’t prefer the Face Access feature.

The Chinese company will also be introducing Leagoo S9 Pro and has not yet mentioned the release date of the two devices

Google is seemingly aware of the fact that more Android manufacturers will create an iPhone X clone with a notch on top and thus will provide the relevant support in its upcoming Android P.

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