Apple has announced its flagship devices; iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and innovative iPhone X. Now if you’re considering to buy iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, then you will be fine but if your heart is stuck on iPhone X then you may have to complete a crucial task; relearning how to use an iPhone.

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Unlocking the Device

iPhone X face ID

Gone are the days when you could just place your finger on the home button to unlock the gadget. Now with iPhone X, the user will have to either raise their smartphone or tap on the screen to bring it back to life, followed by the use of Face ID.

How to Multitask

iPhone X Multitasking

Want to multitask? Well, now you don’t have a home button to double tap instead you will have to swipe up like you’re going to the home screen but this time instead of completing the movement of your finger, you’ll have to pause.

Going Home

iPhone X Home

No home button? No problem, as a simple swipe from the bottom in the upward direction will take the user to their desired location.

Control Centre

I know what you must be thinking; wasn’t swipe up used for summoning the control center? Well yes but now that we are relearning to use the device, you should get used to swiping down from the top to access the control center.

Siri and Apple Pay

iPhone X Siri

Now without the home button, the simple tasks of summoning Siri and Apple Pay have been moved to the power button. Long press the power button to talk to Siri and double tap it for Apple Pay.

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