Iranian hackers discover security flaw in Telegram Messenger

Iranian hackers have discovered a security fault in Telegram messenger. They were able to send large messages to users.1 min

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Leading Internet-based messaging service Telegram is vulnerable to hacking attacks, a recent report has revealed. The hackers who found the security flaw in the app were able to bombard the users of Telegram messenger with a large number of text messages, breaking the specified limit of sending the messages to a user.

Some Iranian hackers have discovered a security fault in the app. According to the rules of Telegram, a user cannot send more than a few text messages in one minute to anyone. The Iranian hackers broke the security easily, and sent a massive number of messages, containing large special files to the anonymous users, charging them a lot of internet data.

The hackers were also able to send the blank messages as well as oversized messages, i.e., 256MB to 300MB to the users of Telegram. The default limit for sending messages is one byte (character), the highest limit is 4096 bytes. Iranian hackers crossed this border.

The users who started receiving the massive number of messages complaint that their smartphone apps had started freezing. They were getting unlimited notifications, a significant amount of internet data was used without their knowledge.

Iranian hackers posted a video of hacking Telegram Messenger

The hackers also posted a video on YouTube as proof that they hacked the app. The video states, “Recently, we discovered a bug in Telegram messenger, that affects all the users. Security is critical for Telegram. We couldn’t find a way to report the bug.”

After this message, the video shows hackers sending large messages to an unknown number using Telegram, crossing the limit of the message size.

It is worth mentioning here that it is not important to add anyone as your friend to send him/her a message on Telegram.

The attack is one of the major hacking attacks in the history of Telegram. The company has not found any solution for the bug so far. The service is the fourth most popular messaging app in Pakistan after WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype.

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