Is Gourmet Going To Launch Its Motorbike?

For the last couple of days, there were news making rounds on the social media that Gourmet – the famous confectionery brand – was planning to launch its motorbike. And to strengthen the belief, a photo of company branded motorbikes was all over the internet.

It’s a general perception that everything you see on the social media is true, but we don’t agree as some elements tend to spread false information. However, the photo of motorcycles with stickers and color theme of Gourmet brand does not tell the whole story.

Although the pictures are not photoshopped, they were meant for the staff of Gourmet. Mr. Shabbar, the spokesperson for Gourmet, tells the truth, “We got the motorbikes made from United Motorcycles for our own employees”.

And to twist the situation, the pictures were leaked on WhatsApp by anonymous united motors employee – as the bikes were parked in their facility – for making it look like a Gourmet bike. United Motors is the company behind 800cc United Bravo car, while they are venturing into a new arena, they must assure that such leaks never happen as they damage the company’s credibility.

Gourmet is a big group and has stakes in many fields perhaps this is the reason why people immidiately believed that they were going to start manufacturing bikes.

The Gourmet started off with a bakery and grew into a mega food chain while having more than 100 outlets only in the Lahore. They have restaurants, pharmacies, magazine publication, catering services, and furniture outlets.

Recently the company has also moved into the media industry with a news Channel, GNN, acquiring reputed journalists and anchorpersons like Hamid Mir and Sohail Warraich.

There were also plan that the company is going to launch a smartphone in Pakistan, but due to certain reasons, it never saw the light of the day.

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