After the successful launch of OPPO F7, the selfie expert, the company revved up its engine for the launch of futuristic smartphone ‘OPPO Find X’ in Pakistan. It is rumored to be the most expensive phone in Pakistan.

The high end, 256 GB variant of iPhone X is available at Rs.159,800 while you can buy 128 GB variant of Samsung Galaxy S9+ at Rs.122,000. These are the current retail prices in Pakistan. However, a leaked image that More News received clearly shows the price of Oppo Find X to be PKR. 150,000 making it one of the most expensive phones available on the market in Pakistan.

Oppo Find X rumored price

After a booming launch in Europe, OPPO Find X has been under the core tech-related discussions amongst global media. Its edgy, sleek pop-up camera feature is much talked about all over the world, and the questions are being raised about the durability of this popping lens.

There is already a buzz about the phone as it succeeds OPPO’s popular Find series line up, the last one was released way back in 2014. The Find X model aims at refinement, with behind-the-scenes improvements, updated features, performance enhancements, notifications, and usability, etc.

The company has made a revolutionary device by reducing the edges and the top bezel (without a notch) to an almost unnoticeable size.

This time OPPO came up with hidden front and back cameras on a separate motorized plate inside the device which pops up when the user launches the camera.

The future of the smartphone industry is AI and automation; and as phones focus more on features that change the way we interact with our phones, shape and design changes become less of a factor. OPPO, leading the league with bezel-less designs is genuinely changing the game in Pakistan.

Our excitement is mounting in anticipation of getting our hands on OPPO’s luxurious masterpiece that is arriving soon in Pakistan. We will update you on color variants and official price which will be revealed at the launch.