Pakistanis might be able to call a flying taxi  in future and move to their required destination with the help of Uber, as the company sees much potential in our market, reports express tribune.

Flying vehicles and driverless cars are going to be the future of the auto industry as many companies have ventured into it. Sensing it, Uber a ride-hailing service, is aiming to launch its ambitious flying ride facility known as “uber elevate” in 2020.

“We can see uber flying cars in Pakistan much sooner than the driverless cars”, said Uber Regional General Manager for the Middle East and Africa Region Anthony Le Roux.

The reason behind is quite simple as driverless cars demand much more algorithms, road network, integrated technologies, and proper traffic regulations while the concept of flying cars is as simple as to take a vertical accent from point A and then descents at point B, just as a helicopter.

“We were not hoping what we have achieved in Pakistan, we have surpassed all our goals and that is the major reason which has pushed the management to enlist Pakistan in the regions where we want to test and launch our upcoming service”, explained Le Roux.

Although it is not going to happen soon, still it’s a positive sign that a global company is seeing prospects in Pakistan’s economy and its people in availing such type of modern technology in near future.

There are many challenges too which uber has to face regarding the regulatory authorities and NOCs’ from relevant departments. If it made possible, one can assume how much benefit local population would be getting out of uber flying cars, like no traffic jams. For now, enjoy your traditional uber car rides, as flying cars lies in the future.