Islamabad not safe for women; 160% increase in rape cases in 2016

Days after we spent preaching the importance and role of women in society on Women’s Day, we are back in the real world where speaking abusively about women by MNA is not as attention-worthy as the word “Phateechar” and Islamabad is not safe for women.

Interior Minister, Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan yesterday revealed in the National Assembly that capital of Pakistan is not really a secure place especially for women as it has seen a 160% increase in rape cases.

In 2015 there were 15 reported cases of rape whereas, in 2016 the capital of Pakistan witnessed 39 reported cases of rape and knowing our culture many rape cases in the country go unreported. Also last year, 119 cases of women torture and murder were logged where 26 women were murdered in Islamabad.

This is a very alarming trend where a word Phateechar classifies as important enough to dedicate all late night talking shows.but when someone uses an abusive language for women especially we are held back, cause the topic won’t spark ratings.

We as Pakistanis love to take it to Twitter to condemn the act but again listen to the dimwits who try to defend their statements and think that everyone should forget that it ever happened because they uttered the word SORRY.

The Express Tribune recently reported that around 70% women and girls in Pakistan experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime by their intimate partners and 93% women experience some form of sexual violence in public places in their lifetime.

We have no doubt seen many intelligent and skilled women who have risen to the top of their respective industry and still continues to contribute towards the society. But what we need right now is to stop preaching legislation and start doing something about the stagnant mindset that deems it okay to say anything to women, because they are afraid of her words.

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