Islamabad stands first in District Education: Alif Ailaan

Alif Ailaan District Education Rankings Report 2016

Alif Ailaan, a prominent non-profit social welfare organization, working for the promotion of the education in the country, has announced that Islamabad is at the top of the list consecutively for the fourth year by its educational score.

Alif Ailaan announced this in its District Education Rankings Report 2016. This ranking is based on available facilities, access to education, standard of learning and gender equality in schools.

Punjab is at the top of the list concerning gender equality with a score of 95.18 percent. Other than that, Islamabad is at the second position with a score of 94.82 percent. KPK is at the sixth position with a score of 75.96 percent.

Punjab is also at the first position about school infrastructure, Islamabad and KPK are at the second and third positions. Districts of Punjab are still at the top position in the ranking for this year. Six districts of Punjab are among the first ten positions. Only one district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been able to win the position in the top ten rankings.

No district of Punjab has scored less than 50 percent in the ranking of districts whereas the overall rating of four districts of KPK has been below 50 percent. Basic facilities are available in 93 percent of schools of Punjab whereas these services are available in only 44 percent schools of KPK.

There is boundary wall around 91.60 percent schools in Punjab. This figure is 76 percent in KPK schools. Islamabad is at number one, Azad Jammu & Kashmir at second and Punjab is at the third place in the ranking of provinces while  Gilgit-Baltistan is at the fourth place this year as well whereas KPK is at fifth and Sindh at sixth place. Federally administered tribal areas (FATA) and Balochistan is at the seventh and eighth place.

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