fake threat alerts

The media wing of Pakistan Army, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) has issued a public awareness message to warn citizens about fake threat alerts for various cities circulating on social media.

ISPR states that no such messages are issued by them and such propaganda is an attempt to create confusion and harassment.

Last month, ISPR warned the public to be aware of telephone calls from individuals impersonating and simulating army officials.

The imitators try to seek personal details like CNIC, bank accounts on the excuse of census verification etc. “Please be aware that no such calls are being made from Pakistan armed forces”, Stated ISPR.

ISPR further asks citizens to be careful and also be mindful of any such fake threats. ISPR emphasizes that one can verify the news from their website. The ISPR had clarified that it communicates only through the official website, accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

ISPR has earlier clearly stated that they never communicate through other social media platforms like WhatsApp.

The media wing of Armed forces asked people not to circulate fake messages without checking them with the official ISPR website or social media accounts.

WhatsApp has introduced a safety feature to curb the hoax, fake threat alerts, and rumors mills in many countries. Pakistan is still waiting for the feature to be launched in the country so that people can identify fake news from an original one easily.

“To fight fake news, we all need to work together—technology companies, the government, and community groups. If you see something that’s not true, make people aware and help stop the spread.”, WhatsApp stated, in the advertisement, published in the Pakistani English daily.

As elections are approaching near, people should be cautious and think twice before forwarding any message they receive through online messaging platforms. Awareness is the key to fight false information.

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