ITU students can now have access to free Online courses

Students at Information Technology University can now benefit from hundreds of online courses as ITU partners with edX to integrate online courses from the world’s best universities into its degree programs.

edX is a non-profit founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University aimed at providing more people access to high-quality education.

This is the first time edX has partnered with any university in Pakistan. Through this association, ITU will integrate edX courses into classrooms & supervised exams. There are now three edX centers around the world; Beijing, Barcelona, and Lahore.

As a result of this partnership, students can now study from faculty at world renowned universities and non-profits organizations free of cost. A student can take hundreds of courses and get the certifications from various universities around the globe without getting into the hassle of taking an admission.

At the signing ceremony Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman of the Punjab IT Board revealed that ITU will integrate edX MicroMasters into master degree programs in Data Sciences & Development Economics from next year. MicroMasters programs is a new category oMasters level online education that aims to bridge the knowledge gap between higher education and the workplace. It was originally pioneered by MIT.

ITU through this move seems to be moving towards creating a digital university for its students. Last month, it partnered with the U.S. Consulate General Lahore to established the first Lincoln Corner in Lahore, providing a wider array of opportunities for learning.

The university already offers various courses designed to cater to the needs of the current market. Last year it introduced an Executive MBA in Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship (EMBITE). This course aims to equips the entrepreneurs who already are running a business or have a dream to start a business with the necessary skills and knowledge so they can flourish in this endeavor.


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