Jade Cafe By China Town – An Excellent Place To Have Lunch At In Lahore

Jade Cafe by China Town is a casual dine-in restaurant which is quite famous among youngsters and elders alike these days. It opened up first in Gulberg, and now there is also a restaurant outlet in the FF market, Phase 4, DHA Lahore.

I have had the chance to visit the cafe in Gulberg several times, but only just visited the one in DHA today! Tired and hungry after university, my friend and I were confused about where we should have a good lunch at. But we also were not in the mood to go to any of our usual spots. That’s when we decided to try the new Jade Cafe in Phase 4, and I must say, it was the best decision we’ve ever taken!

The interior and ambience of the restaurant

Jade Cafe Gulberg
Jade Cafe Gulberg

As soon as I walked in, I realized this restaurant was not as big and spacious as I expected it to be. The one in Gulberg is definitely bigger, hence accommodates a lot more people. However, the interior, in general, wasn’t all too bad. I guess it was slightly dull inside, but nothing that would bother a person too much. There’s a small seating area present out in the open air where you can sit and have your food too. Sadly, when I went to Jade Cafe for food, it was already occupied by customers. Hence my friend and I ended up on the first floor of the restaurant.

Cafe Jade Feature Wall
Feature Wall

Its a comfortably small place to dine in at in my opinion. I didn’t find too much rush inside when I went there, so it was a great chance for me to catch up with my friend as well, with no nuisance around. The interior was nicely done, the signature turquoise green wall of Jade Cafe was present here too. There was also a wall with several celebrities – including Zac Efron (yes I noticed him first) – and some paintings on the wall. A simple yet chic interior.

Their Vast Menu Selection

Oh, the service and food were just wonderful! Starting with the menu, I’d like to mention that Jade Cafe is one of those restaurants that have an extensive variety of foods for you to choose from. Their menu ranges from delicious breakfasts including waffles and french toasts to appetizing starters and main courses that are mouth-watering. In their main courses, you have the option to choose from a variety of chicken and seafood dishes. If you’re a pure Italian lover, then you’ll find yourself in luck at Jade Cafe. They have some of the best kinds of pasta and pizzas in town.

You can order sandwiches and burgers off their menu as well, along with some of the best desserts! Trust me; you won’t be disappointed once you come here.

If you want to give their menu a look, click here.

The food and service

Cafe Jade Chicken Parmigiana
Chicken Parmigiana

Since it was lunchtime, we decided to skip appetizers and went straight into ordering the main course. We had a wide range of options to choose from, and it was hard to decide what to order. However, narrowing down our list, we ended up ordering two dishes: the Chicken Parmigiana and their Jade Special Pizza.

The Chicken Parmigiana included golden crisped chicken breasts filled with marinara sauce, topped with cheese and served with spaghetti in marinara sauce as well.
The chicken was really soft. As soon as you take a bite of your dish, the chicken and cheese literally melt in your mouth! The taste of this dish was really rich. As for the spaghetti, I felt like it was a bit over-smoked for my taste; nevertheless, it is probably the best spaghetti I’ve had at any restaurant in Lahore.

Cafe Jade Pizza
Jade Special Pizza

And the Jade Special thin crust pizza was great too! It had mushrooms and jalapenos (I love jalapenos!) along with chicken, topped with mozzarella cheese. The pizza was so cheesy and smelled divine. I should mention here that while ordering the Pizza, we thought it would be a personal pan sized pizza, enough for one person. But when it arrived, it was big enough for at least 2 people!

Being honest, I’d say the Chicken Parmigiana was better than the Pizza (in my opinion).

The food was served warm, and it was not rubbery at all. No stale odour and the richness in taste was enough to figure out that the food was indeed fresh.

I’d like to give a thumbs up to the service of the restaurant especially; it was really quick. There were servers around us all the time, and they kept checking on us time to time during our meal to ask if we liked our food, or if we would like anything else. We were also asked if we wanted dessert, but we politely declined as we were in a slight hurry. The waiters are jolly and friendly with customers!

The Pricing Of The Menu

I think the pricing of the menu as a whole was convenient and quite affordable. There is hardly any dish that exceeds Rs. 800 on the whole menu.

For just Rs. 2000, we were able to enjoy two main courses and drinks alike. Keep in mind the fact that we were NOT able to finish even half of our dishes each! Most restaurants these days have high prices for a small quantity of meal, which according to me is unfair. So I guess at Jade Cafe, we got what we paid for, and I am quite satisfied with the range and prices of their menu that is perfect for the large quantity of meal served.


Cafe Jade Gulberg
Cafe Jade Gulberg

GREAT place, and even better food according to me! So if you’re looking for a nice place to have lunch at within a reasonable price range, Jade Cafe should be your go-to. I give it a thumbs up.


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