Japan only Imports these Beautiful Rickshaws from Pakistan

red sazgar rickshaws

Japan, the home of the biggest automobile giants in the world apparently still needs us to fulfill their demand of none other than, “a rickshaw.”

Every Pakistani, for once in his or her life has experienced an epic rickshaw ride where every minuscule bump in the road make you feel like you’re in for a roller coaster ride. But apparently, the Japanese are in love with the Pakistani rickshaw and cannot get enough of it.

Sazgar rickshaws

The exporter of this magnificent machinery is Sazgar which is a well-known name when it comes to manufacturing auto rickshaws in Pakistan.

Blue rickshaws

The Lahore-based company shows off its prowess through the stylish and beautifully designed rickshaws that look nothing like the colorless and highly uncomfortable rickshaw that we are accustomed to in our country.

Sazgar Pakistani rickshaws
Sazgar Rickshaw in Pakistan

Maybe it’s just the color or apparently the view of better roads that makes us want to ditch our cars and roam the streets in this piece of art.

yellow rickshaws

black rickshaws

Recently, Sazgar also revealed its plan to manufacture and assemble light passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Pakistan. That being said, we also hope to see better-looking rickshaws by Sazgar on our country’s roads, until then feast your eyes on the following pictures.

Sazgar blue rickshaws

rickshaws by sazgar

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