Japan to create world’s largest supercomputer by the end of 2017

supercomputer in Japan

Japan has the plan to build the world’s fastest supercomputer to help the engineers in manufacturing the driverless cars, robotics and medical diagnostics.

The government of Japan will spend 19.5 billion yen on the previously unreported project, as a part of its policies to get back into the world of technology. The country has said that it will build the world’s fastest supercomputers by the end of the year 2017.

To make this supercomputer, the engineers in Japan will make a machine that can make 130 quadrillion calculations per second of 130 petaflops in scientific parlance.

At that speed, Japan’s computer would be ahead of China’s Sunway Taihulight that is capable of 93 petaflops.

“As far as we know, there is nothing out there that is as fast,” said Satoshi Sekiguchi, a director general at Japan’s ‎National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, where the computer will be built.

Japan want to compete with China in the field of science and technology. China has recently overtaken Japan as the world’s second-largest economy.

Japan has the plan to use ultra-fast calculations to accelerate the advancement in the artificial intelligence such as the deep learning technology that uses algorithms which mimic the human brain’s neural pathways, to assist the computers to achieve the new everyday jobs and analyse scores of data. Already, there are many supercomputers invented by many countries, and now Japan wants to create the fastest supercomputer.

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