Japanese journalist asks PA: Why Pakistan wants to ban Doraemon?

Why Punjab Assembly wants ban on Doraemon

Why does Pakistan want to ban children’s favourite cartoon series, Doraemon? A Japanese journalist has asked this question in the Punjab Assembly!

As per details, a Japanese journalist, namely Yuji Kuronuma reached the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab to meet with the Leader of the Opposition Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed to ask why Pakistan wants to impose a ban on the popular cartoon series, Doraemon.

On this occasion, the Opposition Leader stated that the cartoon program surely entertains the children and Pakistan do not want to ban this cartoon series. “We want to see a few changes in this show,” he said.

The Opposition Leader went on to say that the biggest objection the authorities have received from the public about this show is the language used in it. “Doraemon is dubbed in Hindi language and our children are often seen using the same language as part of their daily routine because they are learning this language from this series. This language is against the values and principles of the Islamic republic of Pakistan,” he said.

The Japanese journalist was told that the use of a particular gadget is very common in the entire series of the cartoon. This gadget is capable of automatically doing the homework and other tasks of the children, changing the time and performing other such things. The children are very innocent and they think this entire thing is real and want to acquire such a magical gadget.

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Earlier, leading political parties in Pakistan submitted a resolution in the Punjab Assembly asking for a ban on Doraemon, considering the series a danger to the society norms of the country.

For those who don’t know, the story of Doraemon spins around a unique cat, namely Doraemon, which is sent back in time to look after a young boy Nobita.

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